You donít need to
be good.
You just need to
love the game!

Pricing For Thumb Drive Images:

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10 Images: $95.00

All of your camp images are available on the thumb drive for $150.00

Welcome to the Event Photos page for
Dave Henderson Baseball Adventures.

We have the 2014 Fantasy Camp Photos ready for you to browse now.  The photos of the campers will continue to grow as the camp progresses.  Check back each day as the changes will be made over the course of the previous evening.
We can always use your help with the Unknown photos, email us with any that you see are identified incorrectly. 

               Thank you for your patience.  Enjoy!!
Please understand that these photos will not have the quality look that they will be printed out as. They have been reduced in size and quality for faster loading and easier viewing as well as having a watermark and text embedded in them.  Your photos/files will be watermark and text free when purchased.

If you come across any errors or if there is a wrong description tagged to a photo on the page, please notify us and we will address the issue immediately. 

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With the introduction of the thumb drive
images available for sale, the
online photo ordering is no longer
available once camp has ended.
Thank you for your support of DHBA events!